Install the ASAv Permanent License

Brief instructions on what steps are necessary to activate a permanent license for the ASAv

You need the following SKU:

Step 1: At the ASAv CLI, enable permanent license reservation.

ciscoasa (config)# <strong>license smart reservation</strong>

Step 2: Request the license code to enter in the Smart Software Manager.

ciscoasa# <strong>license smart reservation request universal</strong>
Enter this request code in the Cisco Smart Software Manager portal:

Step 3: Go to the Smart Software Manager Inventory screen, and click the Licenses tab:
Smart Licensing Inventory
The Licenses tab displays all existing licenses related to your account, both regular and permanent.

Step 4: Click License Reservation, and type the ASAv code into the box.

Step 5: Click Reserve License.
The Smart Software Manager generates an authorization code. You can download the code or copy it to the clipboard. At this point, the license is now in use according to the Smart Software Manager.

Step 5: On the ASAv, enter the authorization code:

ciscoasa# <strong>license smart reservation install</strong> <em>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX</em>

Your ASAv is now fully licensed.

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